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Sweeper keepers

02 June 2022


In football, the goal keeper is the last line of defence. This crucial position requires the best of the best players. Lightning-fast reflexes, high agility and sharp thinking apart from the usual are absolutely necessary.

Good keepers wait, great keepers run

A sweeper keeper rushes off the goal line and tries to obtain possession of the ball or anticipate the shot of the forward. By reducing the reaction time and shot range of the forward, the keeper has increased their odds of blocking the shot.

Simple mafs

Case 1

stationary keeper

Case 2

forward closes in

Case 3

sweeper keeper


Sweeper keepers contribute and build the play for their team. They push forward the entire formation.

Unfortunately, sweep keeping is a high-risk high-reward tactic. The forward can opt to chip the ball, pass the ball back or any of the other 51 alternatives. Mistakes of sweeper keepers can lead to long range goals. Think Zlatan’s 30-yard bicycle kick goal vs England [VIDEO].