For a complete list of my open-source projects, visit my Github profile. Below are a few.
  • CLI helper program for GTFOBins
  • Useful in getting those low-hanging fruits during a PenTest without leaving the terminal
Tech Stack: Go, CLI helper, GTFOBins
  • NetScaPy can be used to find all the hosts online in a subnet using ARP and display all open ports along with the name of their services
Tech Stack: Python, Scapy, Network Scanner, Address Resolution Protocol
  • Web Scraper written to fetch comics from MangaPanda
  • Automatically stitches all images retrieved to form a PDF
Tech Stack: Python, BeautifulSoup, Requests, Web Scraping
  • A collection of few handy scripts to automate and fasten day-to-day tasks
  • Includes CLI scripts to fetch this week in history, shorten url and more
Tech Stack: Bash, Python, Scripts